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ALSYK Trading Ltd -member of ALSYK Group…three companies with expertise in Upvc and aluminium windows and doors.
Our Story…since 1972

ALSYK was a family-owned, with two generations actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Founded in 1972, Alsyk has a long experience and expertise in aluminium and PVC doors and windows.
ALSYK has been committed to making windows and doors the best way we know how– by putting the wants of our customers first.
Today, ALSYK became a group of companies and this VALUE remains the soul of everything we do.
Commited to providing our customers with the highest quality and most energy efficient products, ALSYK Trading Ltd –member of ALSYK Group-supplies many construction companies, architects and professionals in Europe.
Our focus on innovative and flexible solutions distinguishes ALSYK Trading Ltd from other window and door companies.
ALSYK Group has turned his expertise toward many products including among others:

— Windows (Upvc and aluminium)
— Sliding doors (Upvc and aluminium)
— Patio doors (Upvc and aluminium)
— Bi-folder doors (Upvc and aluminium)
— Entrance and secondary doors (Upvc and aluminium)
— Flat doors (aluminium)
— Pivot doors (aluminium)
— Security doors

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