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Project Description

ALU ALSYK entrance doors

ΑLSYK, manufacturer of custom PVC and ALU joinery since 1972, offers you windows that combine performance, aesthetics and safety.

The ALSYK entrance door is perfectly suited to the architecture and design of the building, while offering excellent thermal insulation. It is therefore all the more important to choose the system adapted to the specific requirements of each client.

Technical characteristics

CORNER: Internal fixing bracket without screws and then filled with polyurethane glue for optimal statics and perfect protection against corrosion of corner welds
GU Unijet closing mechanism with 3 automatic bolts
steel safety strike
3D Dr.Hann hinges resistant to a weight of 130 kg
20mm aluminum threshold with thermal break


62.5mm deep
24 mm polyamide bar system
max weight/vtl 130 kg
glazing thickness up to 44 mm
large water drainage channel
multi-point fittings on the periphery of the leaves
thermal insulation properties Uf=2.7 W/m2K

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